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Center for Agricultural Innovation

In the history of more than 60 years of development, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has made many important scientific and technological contributions to production practices, repeated food security and increasing agricultural export value for the industry. Agriculture of Vietnam. In the period of 2021-2030, the Institute continues to orient itself to develop into a research university model of advanced universities in the world and become a leading research center in the region in agriculture and development. countryside. In order to achieve the above-mentioned strategic objectives, the Party Committee, the Academy Council and the Board of Directors determined to effectively exploit science and technology resources through the development of new technology-price research directions. high value – interdisciplinary – integrated with 4.0 technology and co-creation closely associated with businesses to create new value to serve the market is one of the key tasks.

Center for Agricultural Innovation and Performing tasks such as Technology Transfer Center (TTO), Technology Incubator, Technology Exchange, Co-working space, Science Valley, Food Valley or Seed Valley in agriculture. Agrinnovation will be the place to carry out the aforementioned task as many research universities around the world in the United States, Taiwan, Europe, and Australia have been implementing successfully recently (Figure 1).


 Figure 1. A number of Agricultural Innovation Centers have been established at universities and research centers around the world in recent years.

In the context that the Party and the Government have guidelines and programs to promote innovation activities through the Politburo’s Resolution No. 52 of September 27, 2019, the Prime Minister signed a decision to establish China. National Innovation Center on October 2, 2019, the National Assembly is preparing to promulgate a law on public-private investment to attract businesses to invest in the field of science and education. On March 24, 2020, the President of the Academy decided to establish an Center for Agricultural Innovation and Technology with the goal of: Enhancing the capacity of innovation in training, research and development of public science services Technology, incubation and innovation, intellectual property rights, contribute to the development of modern agriculture in Vietnam’s agricultural sector.


The key task of Center

Create a favorable environment and environment for researchers, students of the Academy and partners (experts, businesses, cooperatives …) to cooperate and develop creative ideas;

▶ Develop Innovation projects and attract domestic and foreign investment in Innovation;

▶ Incubating technology under the Vietnam National Academy of Agriculture brand; Providing services to support protection registration, intellectual property, technology commercialization; Support the development of start up businesses; spin-off;

▶ Building high-tech agriculture zones, developing new 4.0 technology applications in agriculture (artificial intelligence, big data, block chains, virtual reality …);

▶ Enhance the practice and practice of students of the Academy and train other components in agricultural production and technology chains.

▶ Consult with Academy and policy development agencies Innovation in training and science and technology.

To carry out the above tasks, the Center forms units with the following tasks:

a) Centre of high-tech agriculture: 

The CNC Center will coordinate with the OKP project funded by the Dutch Government, focusing on building facilities, researching, demonstrating and developing innovative and effective fruit and vegetable production systems. , sustainable and economically viable for businesses, farmer groups and agricultural cooperatives.

The center will also connect companies and agribusiness enterprises at home and abroad through co-creation; technology co-development; to create new value-added technologies for the market.


                              Figure 2: Activities and design perspective of Vietnam National University of Agriculture High Technology Center

 b) Center for Innovative Innovation

Based on the development experience and the support of training human resources and facilities from domestic and foreign innovation projects. The Center aims to build and develop innovative agricultural and digital innovation projects through connecting strong / excellent / elite research groups of the Academy, domestic and foreign experts to deliver collaborative project development.

c) Technology and Business Incubator Center (spin off)

From research to creating products on the market, there are a series of interconnected activities and processes. Countries with experience in successfully transferring agricultural technologies in the world use 08 forms to conduct commercialization for different types of technology, in which the main forms are: licensing, franchising (licensing), selling / transfer and forming spin-off businesses are enterprises formed based on the university’s scientific and technological resources. Many of the University’s partner universities such as KU Leuven of Belgium, Wageningen Netherlands, Queensland Australia …. has formed hundreds of spin off to commercialize research results to generate revenue to invest in research and support practice as well as create jobs for graduates.

In the period 2021-2025, the Center will support scientists / groups of scientists with commercial potential intellectual property in terms of policy mechanisms, financial resources and facilities to attract investment. form businesses spin off. In the long run, when there are stable sources of income, the Center will set up a science and technology fund to support the Academy’s research and commercialization of scientific and technological products.

 d) Center for Agricultural Big Data Research

With the view of “resources will be exhausted, data can never be fully exploited” Innovation Center formed a big agricultural data research center to develop agricultural data sources for digitalization. agriculture, developing big data technologies associated with automation to early predict and control agricultural risks, develop artificial intelligence in the management of agricultural commodity chains, and research and use of data. greatly contributing to solving problems of Vietnam’s agricultural market.

In the period of 2021-2025, the Center will focus on building projects that apply artificial intelligence, big data and block chains in key industries to coordinate information technology and agricultural expertise. and manufacturing / processing and exporting businesses.

The Center for Agricultural Innovation of Vietnam National University of Agriculture hopes to attract the cooperation of staff and researchers, experts, international organizations and businesses contributing to the exchange. new and improve the quality of training and research at Vietnam National University of Agriculture; Accompanying for sustainable agriculture development.

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 Figure 3: One of the Big Data Research Center’s projects “building and applying blockchain and artificial intelligence for honey industry in cooperation with honey processing and exporting company in Dak Lak”

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