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Science and Technology Business Incubation Center (spin off)

From research to creating products on the market, there are a series of interconnected activities and processes. Countries with experience in successfully transferring agricultural technologies in the world use 08 forms to conduct commercialization for different types of technology, in which the main forms are: licensing, franchising (licensing), selling / transferring and forming spin-off businesses are enterprises formed based on the university’s scientific and technological resources. Many of the University’s partner universities such as KU Leuven of Belgium, Wageningen Netherlands, Queensland Australia …. has formed hundreds of spin off to commercialize research results to generate revenue to invest in research and support practice as well as create jobs for graduates.

In the period 2021-2025, the Center will support scientists / groups of scientists with commercial potential intellectual property in terms of policy mechanisms, financial resources and facilities to attract investment. form businesses spin off. In the long run, when there are stable sources of income, the Center will set up a science and technology fund to support the Academy’s research and commercialization of scientific and technological products.

Objectives: To commercialize research results inside and outside the Academy


Building intellectual property services, technology transfer and commercialization services

Grow the -0ff spin