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Mekong-China Strategic Research Program (MCSS)


Carrying out research and international publications related to sustainable development, combating climate change, cooperation issues and cooperation initiatives in the region of Mekong countries; conducting international cooperation and training activities to expand the research network, forming a research ecosystem; become a bridge between policy-making agencies and policy beneficiary groups; provide policy consultation reports.


  1. Chinese economic and strategic issues;
  2. Economic issues – strategic countries of the Mekong region;
  3. Issues on sustainable development of the Mekong region;
  4. Climate change issues in the Mekong region;
  5. International cooperation between the countries of the Mekong and the United States, China, Europe and Asia on resource management and new multilateral cooperation mechanisms;
  6. Multilateral strategic cooperation initiatives in the Mekong region;
  7. Political theories – water.